The Shooting on the Move Course is an action and combative oriented course with an emphasis on body mechanics as it relates to shooting multiple targets and manipulating the handgun while moving in any direction. This course requires substantial steel targetry and some basic athleticism. It is not a basic shooting course and is oriented towards the higher level intermediate to advanced shooter for combative or sport use. This will require a decent level of athleticism as most events will require rapid movement will engaging single or multiple targets. The course goal is to explain, execute and reinforce those skills that allow shooters to retain their mobility while being highly rapid and effective with a handgun.

Equipment Required:

  • Serviceable handgun in 9×19 or larger
  • Sport type holster
  • Minimum of 4 magazines
  • Minimum of 3 magazine pouches (4-5 recommended)
  • Dark and clear eye pro (for different lighting conditions)
  • Hearing protection (electric is highly recommended)
  • Hat (optional but recommended)
  • 1000 rounds of handgun ammunition