Custom Classes

CTT-Solutions LLC provides custom specialized training based on a client’s mission essential task list (METL) or specified goals on an emerging skill set. Training is tailored by making liaison with the client training department and assessing existing training documents. Following coordination, a Program of Instruction will be designed based on the current documents in order to retain as much existing knowledge, SOP’s and continuity as possible.

The following logistical concerns (as applicable) will be addressed:

  • Number of attendees
  • Duration and training dates
  • Training Topic and Focus
  • Desired level of proficiency
  • Facilities
  • firearms ranges
  • urban facilities
  • classrooms
  • Budget

Courses can be constructed to offer:

  • CQB
  • Advanced Pistol/Carbine Marksmanship
  • Close range and contact distance pistol combatives
  • Active shooter training
  • Covert carry
  • Protective Service Detail (PSD)
  • Urban motorized operations
  • Foreign weapons training
  • Weapons malfunctions
  • Instructor training and development
  • Program review and construction for military and law enforcement agencies

Our objective is to provide the most cost effective long duration training and tactical solution, which utilizes as much existing organizational knowledge and current training facilities. We can, with the proper client involvement, leave any organization we service with a complete stand-alone Program of Instruction that can be easily perpetuated without extensive outside assistance.

Enrolled in Central Contractors Registry
DUNS#: 01-322-7741

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